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Our Sustainability Story

Environmental focus runs through everything we do in our lives as a family, in our sport, in our local community and in our business – it is part of who we are.

In 2021, Delayne was awarded the Yachting NZ Sustainability Excellence Award for the development of the Clean Club Programme for Yachting New Zealand yacht clubs. She is also the Sustainability Representative for Wakatere Boating Club and the driving force behind the club using the Sailors for the Sea programme to successfully deliver multiple Platinum and Gold standard Clean Regattas. The efforts to improve the local environment can also be seen on the grounds around the work sheds, where thousands of native plants have been planted to regenerate the once wasted swamp area back into a thriving native wetland.

This mindfulness and commitment to environmental sustainability flows into the business, where every effort is made to reduce waste by optimising manufacturing methods and continuing to work with suppliers to reduce packaging waste. Making conscious choices for products that are better for the environment and perfecting production efficiencies are a constant progression of efforts to further reduce waste.


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