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Your Family Boat

Families love our Coach Boats! In the sailing season, they are a hard-working work machine. And on weekends off and holidays, a boat for exploring, fishing, watersports and more.

All ages and stages will benefit from:

  • The forgiving, wave-piercing bow provides outstanding sea handling abilities – better to be dry and comfortable than shaken and wet!  

  • Salthouse Coach Boats are light and easy to handle when launching – this takes away stress at the boat ramp.

  • The flexible, well-planned deck space makes the boat truly multi-purpose.

Create a Salthouse Coach Boat that is perfect for your family. Start the process by looking at our models and range of customisable options.

Americas Cup Volvo Ocean Race sailor, Sailing parent

"As a family, we had a broad list of requirements, be it towing behind a launch up and down the East Coast of New Zealand, water sports as a family, supporting dinghy sailing around the country, all in a reliable and comfortable boat. The quality of build, the robustness of design and effectiveness of systems has allowed us to use and share the boat with absolute confidence. I can confidently recommend the boat and the people behind it."

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