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High Performace

High-performance sailing is in our DNA. The Salthouse Coach Boat was developed to support high-performance sailing and since the first boat was launched in 2018, it has been adopted by forward thinking Olympic teams, federations and syndicates around the world. 

With a blueprint that is fast-tracking and clean cornering, these boats are future-proofed to keep up with the fastest foiling classes – and ensure the utmost comfort for coaches.

  • Every boat is customised for its new owner. Choose your tube colour, seats, consoles, tow posts, flooring options and more. 

  • Comfort and dryness at a pace that keeps up with modern classes. Finish the day with dry feet thanks to offset tubes and a wave-piercing bow. 

  • Open, uncluttered spaces provide an easy, stable, coaching platform and ample room for equipment.

Find out more about the models and range of customisable options.

 470 Olympic Gold Medalist, 49er Olympic Campaigner, Nacra Coach

“The Salthouse Coach Boat keeps up with Nacra 17's in big waves and flat water. I love the extra space for sails/gear, and manoeuvring is easier with a remarkably good turning circle for the 6.2m length. The console set up has far more usable space than I have had in any other boat."



Yachting New Zealand

Yachting New Zealand’s coaches like Salthouse Coach Boats so much that they even have a nickname for them: Salty Boats

As the federation for sailing in New Zealand, Yachting New Zealand supports the country’s Olympians throughout their sailing careers from Green Fleet Optimists to world championships. Backing them up is a fleet of ‘Saltys’  ranging in size from 5.4m to 6.2m that between them meets the needs of all classes, from grassroots through to the fastest of foilers.  

Salthouse Boatbuilders are delighted to have their back all the way to the next Olympic Games and beyond. 

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